Al Nokhbah Management Consultancy

Al Nokhbah is a pan Arab Consulting firm specialized in designing and delivering professional management and development consulting services in such fields as organizational development, strategic planning, excellence and quality, information systems, and human resource development.

Al Nokhbah was founded in 1996 by an established group of management engineers, leadership and organizational development experts, and quality specialists with a vision for nurturing innovation and state-of-the-art global systems and practices among leaders and practitioners. Our mission is to provide and guide creative management solutions to clients in the government, public, and private sectors through fostering knowledge and orchestrating world-wide partnerships. Our key commitment is to assist our clients in the best ways that are most important to them and help establish sustainable and flourishing businesses.

Our source of strength and professionalism is the extensive expertise of company founders and senior associates and consultants combined with the enthusiasm, dedication and hard work of our junior members.


Al Nokhbah Institutional Capacity

The organizational structure consists of the Board of Directors whose chairman guides the company strategy, with a CEO to manage all operations and ensure company stability and growth. The organization structure of Al Nokhbahconsists of 4 departments, financial and admin, business development, communications, and operations management. Al Nokhbah plans and runs its projects and activities using a carefully established management system based on excellence criteria using competent human resources.

Al Nokhbah has established business relationships with partner consulting firms in the Arab World, Europe and North America who give support as needed.

Al Nokhbah has offices in Abu Dhabi – UAE, Ramallah-Palestine, Amman-Jordan, Qatar – and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are a member of various professional development organizations in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

Al Nokhbah Work Strategy

Our work strategy is based on genuine grass-root analysis of development and organizational issues and needs. We design human-oriented solutions combined with performance measurement and information technology. This strategy is founded on the following pillars:

Ensuring bottom-line expectations through cost-effective professional quality services tailored to add value and exceed clients’ needs.

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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