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Excellence consulting and training in the model of the Fourth Generation-Ministry of community Development 2017/2019

The project aimed at assisting the ministry through several tracks: First, assessing the ministry's capabilities and results as per the fourth-generation excellence model criteria, designing and implementing a comprehensive improvement plan for all areas of the ministry's work; this also included the medals (Awsemah) of the Prime Minister. Secondly, analysis and update of the strategy 2018-2021 and supervising its implementation, linking the strategic performance indicators with operations and development projects. Third, the project included establishing and implementing a system for risk management and preparation of risk registers that led Ministry to obtain the ISO 31000 certification for the year 2018. In this project, a number of work methodologies was constructed such as: communication methodology, innovation methodology, methodology of service design and development, and analysis of complaints. The project also included training of at least 100 employees in the field of innovation and excellence in accordance with the model of excellence for the fourth generation. The Ministry was able to win excellence award as the best service provider in the UAE government in the Fifth Assessment cycle 2018, in addition to 3 shortlisted employees in the individual's awards.

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Ministry of community Development

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