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We provide a wide spectrum of management and development solutions and service to the private, public, governmental sectors. Our operational structure is centered on a comprehensive package of core services.

Strategy Management

    • Strategic analysis and planning.
    • Performance management.
    • Strategic plans evaluation.

Excellence and Organizational Development

    • Organizational excellence model implementation.
    • Certified training programs.
    • Organizational assessments (internal awards, internal assessments).
    • Corporate governance and risk management.

Future Shaping & Innovation

    • Future shaping & innovation assessments.
    • Future shaping & innovation strategies and policies.
    • Future shaping and innovation system development (TS16555-1).
    • Awareness and trainings in future shaping.
    • Innovation endorsements and certifications.

Artificial intelligence and big data

    • Assess the organizational needs of artificial intelligence and big data applications.
    • Build a business plan for practical applications in artificial intelligence at the organizations.
    • Technical assistance to organizations in the implementation of artificial intelligence and big data projects.
    • Provide awareness and training in the field of artificial intelligence and big data.

International Standards Implementation

    • Quality Management (e.g. ISO9001, ISO17025, ISO22000, ISO15189, ISO 10015, etc.).
    • Information Technology and Communication Standards (e.g., ISO27001).
    • Safety and Environment and Energy (e.g. ISO18000, ISO 14000, ISO50000).
    • Business continuity (e.g. ISO22301).
    • Social Responsibility (e.g. ISO26000).
    • Inspection management (e.g. ISO17020).
    • Risk Management (e.g. ISO31000) .
    • Islamic halal standard.

Human Resources Development

    • Human Resources Evaluation.
    • Define Human Resources Training and Development needs.
    • Define Human Resources Training and Development needs.
    • Design and Prepare Training Materials.
    • Design and Provide Training Programs to increase capabilities and qualifications.

Process Engineering

    • Human resources management.
    • Information technology systems.
    • Production and product management.
    • Quality and environment management.
    • Engineering projects management.

Studies, Surveys, Projects

    • Feasibility studied and market studies.
    • Sectoral Studies.
    • Stakeholders Analysis.
    • Customers and Employees Evaluation studies.
    • Opinion Polls and Mystery Shopper.
    • Projects Evaluation and Impact Analysis.

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